We at Preston Smith LOVE our teachers and staff! And every now and again, it's fun to treat them.
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Who's in the front office?



Gale Latimer




Ryan Rodriquez

Assistant Principal




Kelley Bouldin





Christin Allen 





Jill Burrow





Pamela Hogue

Attendance Clerk






Rebecca Bullock



Amy Bowser



Megan Lammons



Victoria Moore



Jessica Reynolds, Sp Ed PPCD



Suzanna Stephens





Kim Butler



Lana Campbell



Nicole Holbert



Dawn Osterhoudt



Emily Winton



 First Grade


Miranda Patterson



Traci Clanahan



Meagan Dowgar



Barbara Sypert



Emily Smyth



 Second Grade


Tami Allbright



Darbara Popanz



Tamara Tucker



Melissa Oliver



Mary Castillo



 Third Grade


Kristin Daniel



Carri Jurecek 


Chey-Anne Smart



Kerry Stamps



Liza Myers



 Fourth Grade


Vickey Bloodworth



Suzanne Carlton



LuAnn Gatlin



Joyce Ray



Sue Thomas



Lisa Graf



 Fifth Grade 


Julia Balderrama



Laura Barkowsky



Donna Bruggeman



Julie Whatley





Valerie Addington, Librarian



Tina Saldana, Art



K'Aun Hardin, Music



Ann Johnson, LR



Joy Mariott, Diagnostician



Laney Dulakis, Speech



Reagan Cirilo, Sp Ed MC



Ann Parr, Inclusion





Gail Renne



Travis Walden






Wonique Bibbs, TA-MC



Whitney Cambron, TA/Pre-K



Morgan Corbell, TA/Pre-K



Angela Franklin, TA-MC



Martha Garza, TA/Pre-K



Sue Anna Lindley, Inclusion Aide



Mary Lopez, SP ED Resource/Inclusion Aide



Dora Rodriguez, SP ED PPCD Aide



Elizabeth Salas, TA/Pre-K



Carol McKillip, Library TA



Brenda Tellez, Kinder TA



Stephanie Torres, TA/Pre-K



Cynthia Velde, SP ED Resource/Inclusion Aide



 MacKinsey Williams, TA/Pre-K



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